Donation To Help With Funeral Expenses Etc

Donation To Help With Funeral Expenses Etc

My dad was a strong healthy 84 year old man. On March 3 2020, he had a simple surgery to remove a cataract from his left eye. He rapidly declined after this.  During the time between March 3 2020-July 28th he had 8 hospitalizations which included 5 ICU stays. This was made even more difficult because he had to be alone in the hospital due to the restrictions because of the current pandemic.

He went through SO much. He battled a intense eye infection, COVID 19, kidney failure, heart failure, respiratory failure and many complications. On July 27th, he was taken to the hospital and we received the worst news. He was in extreme critical condition. His large intestines would need to be removed due to gangrene infection. They gave him a 10% chance of survival. On July 28th, my sweet dad passed away. 

He did not have life insurance etc. So now we are trying to get the funds together to give him a proper funeral. He did and gave so much for his family, friends, everyone. And we want to give to him this one last time. 

Your donation will help us towards funeral expenses and any other expenses related to his passing. THANK YOU!!